Triple Block

Triple Block

The Triple Block (012-104) consists of 3 independent blocks working total time independent. The 3 blocks can be started, stopped and loaded at different times. Three totally different PCR processes can run at the same time. The blocks consist of anodized aluminium with a thermal conductivity of 237 (W/mK) and are optimal for flat cap tubes. This system is useful for laboratories where many different PCRs will be done. Of course, the system is compatible with the quick-block-changing system and can be replaced though a Thermoblock 96 (012-103). All three processes will be online graphical tracked. A protection against condensation is ensured by Passive Lid (012-201). The high temperature range from minus 5 °C to plus 99 °C offers the possibility to make instant incubation at the melting point or at low temperatures.

  • Anodised aluminium
  • For 0.2 ml flat cap tubes
  • 3 x 21 Wells
  • Reaction volume: 10 µl to 80 µl
  • Heating rate: 0.001 – 2.5 °C/s, cooling rate: 0.001 – 2.2 °C/s
  • Temperature range: Minus 5 °C to plus 99 °C
  • Block uniformity: ± 0.3 °C from 20 to 72 °C, ± 0.4 °C at 95 °C
  • Order no.: 012-104
  • Passive Lid order no.: 012-201, three are necessary for one Triple Block
  • 5 years warranty

PDF: Technical data at a glance

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