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Geschäftsführer: Dipl. Phys. Jörg Schrader

Executive Director:
Dipl. Phys. Jörg Schrader

Sensoquest is represented at Analytica 2020!

You will find SensoQuest at Analytica 2020 in hall A3 at booth 442.

Die SensoQuest GmbH ist ein privat finanziertes Unternehmen und wurde im Jahre 2005 gegründet. Das Team setzt sich aus Physikern, Ingenieuren und Biologen zusammen, die schon in den 90er Jahren für renommierte Unternehmen Thermocycler entwickelt und produziert haben. Unter einem gemeinsamen Dach werden Thermocycler (Labcycler) entwickelt und produziert, die den höchsten Ansprüchen genügen. Die Labcycler werden mit Hilfe eines internationalen Händlernetzes weltweit vertrieben.

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Why do we suit to you?
  • Headquarters: Göttingen, Germany
  • Thermocyclers “Made in Germany”
  • Worldwide Distibutor net
  • Competent team
  • Immediate and direct support
Our Products

Since 15 years, the SensoQuest GmbH has produced high-quality thermal cyclers with the brand Labcycler for industry and public research institutes. The company is focused on the gold-plated silver blocks. Silver has thermal conductivity of 427 W/mK, much better than aluminum (237 W/mK). Low power consumption, low noise, fast heating and cooling rates during real operations and the cycling, as well as a cool down under the freezing point demonstrates the performance of the Labcycler. All this resulted in a long lifetime. A self-calibration system completes the Labcycler product line.

Job offer

Are you a committed engineer or natural scientist and looking for a leadership position? Sensoquest GmbH based in Göttingen is looking for you as:

Development engineer for analysis devices - thermal cycler (m / f / d)

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