Thermoblock 48

Thermoblock 48

The Thermoblock 48 (012-102) is a unique silver block produced only by SensoQuest. The block is processor controlled gradient-capable block with 6 separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature homogeneity. The thermal conductivity of silver with 429 W/mK results in a better block uniformity in contrast to aluminum (237 W/mK). This allows high speed with a maximum power of only 350 Watts. The average during a typical run is less than 150 Watts. The result is a good performance with low energy consumption, low carboxide footprint, less heat in the lab and, last but not least, less noise from the cooling fans. The heating rate is 4.2°C/s during real operations. The peak performance shows its cooling option down to minus 5 °C. Instant incubation at the melting point and low temperatures is for a long time possible. The Thermoblock 48 has programmable temperatures and time in(de)crements, ramp rates and of course a gradient.

The Thermoblock 48 is useful for bigger PCR-mixes up to 200 µl.

The block is compatible with a quick-block-changing system and can replaced with Thermoblock 96, 384 or Triple.

  • Electroformed gold plated silver
  • For 0.5 ml single tubes
  • Reaction volume: 20 µl to 200 µl
  • Heating rate: 4.2 °C/s, cooling rate: 3.6 °C/s during cycling
  • Temperature range: Minus 5 °C to plus 99 °C
  • Block uniformity: ± 0.3 °C from 20 to 72 °C, ± 0.4 °C at 95 °C
  • Gradient-capable: 40 °C, ± 20 °C, 8 zones
  • Order no.: 012-102
  • 5 years warranty

PDF: Technical data at a glance

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