Labcycler 48s

Labcycler 48s

Labcycler 48s has a gold coated silver block with 48 wells for 0.2 ml tubes in an array of 6 x 8. The thermal conductivity of silver with 429 W/mK resulted in a better block uniformity in contrast to aluminum (237 W/mK). Working with single tubes and stripes is possible. The gold coated silver block results in high cooling and heating rates: 5.0°/s during real operations. A coloured touchscreen and a well-known graphical user interface results in an easy to use handling. 680 programs can be stored in directories that can be optionally protected by passwords. The Labcycler 48s has programmable temperatures and time in(de)crements, ramp rates and of course a gradient. A cheaper version without gradient function is available.

SensoQuest offers two version: Labcycler 48s without Gradient and Labcycler 48 Gradient. Gradient: Up to ± 10 °C from the centre of the block, this means 20 °C from left to right.

Ordering Information

ProductLine voltageOrder number
Labcycler 48s200 – 265 V013-103
Labcycler 48s Gradient200 – 265 V013-104
Labcycler 48s100 – 130 V013-107
Labcycler 48s Gradient100 – 130 V013-108

Technical Data

Line voltage100 V to 130 V, and 200 V to 265 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power consumptionMaximum 180 W, standby 25 W
Heating rate5 °C/s, during real operations
Cooling rate5 °C/s, during real operations
NoiseIdle 38dBA, typical 44dBA, maximum 48 dBA
DisplayTFT illuminated colour display ¼ VGA, 5.7“ diagonal, 320 x 240 pixel, touchscreen
Heated LidAutomatic, up to 110 °C
DimensionLength: 37 cm; width: 20 cm; height: 16 cm
Weight7.8 kg
KeyboardSoftkeys on the touchscreen depending on the context
LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish & Chinese
Programs680 standard programs, or at least 3000 steps, the last 16 program runs can be displayed any time, re-start function, programmed and manual pause
Password protectionConfigurable up to 64 users
AdministrationAdministrator rights: Reading & Writing
Copy functionIntersystem-copy-function with Labcycler 48 & 192s, Labcycler Basic, and Labcycler Gradient
GradientGradient capable, 20 °C, ± 10 °C
TemperatureMinus 5.0 °C to 99.9 °C
Homogeneity± 0.25 °C @ 55 °C, ± 0.4 °C @ 95 °C
De(In)crementsTime: ± 99.99 s, temperature: ± 9.99 °C
Instant incubationYes, e.g. at 0.0 °C, 26 °C, 37°C, and so on

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