Labcycler Basic

Labcycler Basic

The Labcycler Basic (011-103) is a thermal cycler designed for classical PCR. The Labcycler Basic IVD complies with the European Directive for in vitro diagnostics (011-106). Since 2005 Labcyclers are produced by SensoQuest and are in use. Take a look at references. The solid design with an aluminum front plate and a warranty of 5 years makes the system for all users interesting looking for quality. The system has a quick-block-changing system. With only one grip the scientist can put in a Thermoblock 48 (012-102), a Thermoblock 96 (012-103), a Thermoblock 384 (012-101), a Triple Block (012-104), or others. The TFT colored Touch Screen can be programmed in English, Spanish, or German at any time. The PCR-process is online tracked. The user interface is intuitive. The Labcycler has an electro-motoric heating lid. Maximal temperatures up to 110 °C at 120 Newton pressure are possible.  The ecologic development concept results in a low power consumption system. Only 350 watts are used at maximal power, and  low waste heat is produced by low noise. Nevertheless, the Labcycler can cool down at 4 °C for a very long period, e.g. over the weekend. The peak performance is demonstrated in cooling down to minus 5 °C. Instant incubation at the freezing point is possible. The low power consumption results in a low CO2 – emission which is positive for the balance of energy.

A Gradient upgrade is possible (011-801).

Ordering Information

The Labcycler Basic must be ordered in combination with one Thermoblock. Additionally, a second or more Thermoblocks can be ordered because the system has a quick-block-changing system. A Thermoblock can be changed in a few seconds. The Labcycler Gradient works at all global line voltages (85-265 V).

Product Order Number
Labcycler Basic 011-103
Thermoblock 48, silver
Thermoblock 96, silver 012-103
Thermoblock 384, silver 012-101

Triple Block


Passive Lids

In situ Block 012-107
Thermoblock 96 alu 100 012-108

Technical Data

Line voltage 85 V to 265 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power consumption Maximum 350 W, standby 25 W
Noise Idle 38 dBA, typical 44 dBA, maximum 48 dBA
Display TFT illuminated colour display ¼ VGA, 5.7“ diagonal, 320 x 240 pixel, touchscreen
Heated Lid Programmable: Pressure 0 to 120 N, temperature RT up to 110 °C
Dimension Length: 44 cm; width: 25 cm; height: 20 cm
Weight 11.2 kg
Keyboard Numeric and virtual keys
Languages English, German, Spanish & Chinese
Programs 680 standard programs, or at least 3000 steps, the last 16 program runs can be displayed any time, re-start function, programmed and manual pause
Password protection Configurable up to 64 users
Administration Administrator rights: Reading & writing
Copy function Intersystem-copy-function with Labcycler 48 & 192s, Labcycler Basic, and Labcycler Gradient
Gradient Upgradeable
Temperature Minus 5.0 °C to 99.9 °C
Ramp rate 0.001 °C/s – 5.0 °C/s
Homogeneity ± 0.25 °C @ 55 °C, ± 0.4 °C @ 95 °C
De(In)crements Time: ± 99.99 s, temperature: ± 9.99 °C
Instant incubation Yes, e.g. at 0.0 °C, 26 °C, 37°C, and so on

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