Labcycler Pro Basic

Labcycler Pro Basic

The Labcycler Pro Basic (011-108) is a newly developed high-quality thermocycler equipped with a completely renewed user network-interface. The large 7-inch multi-touch screen with its 1280 x 800 pixels is extremely high-resolution and supports the user optimally with its excellent font and detailed graphics. In addition to the tabular listing, programming can now also be done with the help of a highly intuitive graphical user interface.

The internal storage of programs and protocols is practically unlimited with the 1GB memory. Therefore, the complete history of a program is stored, so that the user can undo changes as often as he wants. In addition, the reports include the complete temperature curve of the program sequence. USB high-speed is supported for data backup or program transfer. This allows you to use a USB stick to import and export programs and reports, or to start programs directly from the USB stick.

The Labcycler Pro has a GBit Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi. This makes it possible to access programs of other lab cyclists in a local network, edit them and start them.

Optionally, the devices can be controlled and monitored from a PC as well as from mobile devices via the Internet. Of course, our app notifies the user on the go when a program has been completed and the samples are ready to be taken. They can optionally use a central location in the cloud for their programs and protocols.

The Labcycler Pro is equipped with a block change system. With just one handle, the user can use a 48 (012-102), 96 (012-103 silver /012-108 aluminum), 384 (012-101), Triple Block (012-104) or In situ Block (012-107).

The network functionality will be submitted with a software update at a later date.

Software updates can now be loaded conveniently via a USB stick, or obtained directly from the Internet.

The Labcycler Pro Gradient (011-107) has a gradient function. His brother Labcycler Basic (011-108) does not have these and is therefore a little cheaper.

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Labcycler Pro

Ordering Information

The Labcycler Pro Basic must be ordered in combination with one Thermoblock. Additionally, a second or more Thermoblocks can be ordered because the system has a quick-block-changing system. A Thermoblock can be changed in a few seconds. The Labcycler Gradient works at all global line voltages (85-265 V).

Product Order Number
Labcycler Pro Basic 011-108
 Thermoblock 48, Silber012-102
 Thermoblock 96, Silber012-103
 Thermoblock 384, Silber012-101

Triple Block


Passive Lid

 In situ Block012-107
 Thermoblock 96 alu 100012-108

Technical Data

Line voltage85 V to 265 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power consumptionMaximum 350 W, standby 25 W
NoiseIdle 38 dBA, typical 44 dBA, maximum 48 dBA
Display7″ diagonale, 1280 x 800 pixel, 16.7 M colors, IPS-technology, capacitive multi-touch
Heated LidProgrammable: Pressure 0 to 120 N, temperature RT up to 110 °C
DimensionLength: 44 cm; width: 25 cm; height: 20 cm
Weight11.2 kg
KeyboardNumeric and virtual keys
LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish
Memory space1 GB, more than 10.000 programs
Password protectionConfigurable up to 64 users
AdministrationAdministrator rights: Reading & writing
Copy functionWith Labcycler Basic, Labcycler Gradient, Labcycler Pro Basic & Labcycler Pro Gradient
Ethernet100 MB
ProgramsWith History
ProgramableGraphical or tabular form
TemperatureMinus 5.0 °C to 99.9 °C
Ramp rate0.001 °C/s – 5.0 °C/s
Homogeneity± 0.25 °C @ 55 °C, ± 0.4 °C @ 95 °C
De(In)crementsTime: ± 99.99 s, temperature: ± 9.99 °C
Instant incubationYes, e.g. at 0.0 °C, 26 °C, 37°C, and so on

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