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Product Guide SensoQuest GmbH

Order No.ProductDescription
011-101LabcyclerTM GradientWithout Block * with Gradient (± 20 °C)
011-103LabcyclerTM BasicWithout Block *
011-702Inter System Copy CableConnection of two devices
011-704Copy-SetCopy runs from LabcyclerTM to PC
011-801Gradient UpgradeOnly for LabcyclerTM Basic, LabcyclerTM 48 and 48s
012-101Thermoblock 384384 wells, gradient capable, silver
012-102Thermoblock 4848 wells (0.5 ml), gradient capable, silver
012-103Thermoblock 9696 wells (0.2 ml), gradient capable, silver
012-104Triple Block3 x 21 Wells (0.2 ml), non-gradient capable, without Passive Lid
012-107In situ BlockFlat block for slides
012-108Thermoblock 96 alu96 wells (0.2 ml), gradient capable, aluminum
012-201Passive Lid3 lids are necessary for Triple Block
012-701Sealing PadReusable PCR plate sealing pad
013-101LabcyclerTM 48Inclusive block, 48 wells (0.2 ml)
013-102LabcyclerTM 48 GradientInclusive block, 48 wells (0.2 ml), with gradient (± 10 °C)
013-103LabcyclerTM 48sInclusive block, 48 wells (0.2 ml), silver
013-104LabcyclerTM 48s GradientInclusive block, 48 wells (0.2 ml), with gradient (± 10 °C) silver
013-113LabcyclerTM 192sInclusive block, 192 wells, silver
013-114LabcyclerTM 192s GradientInclusive block, 192 wells, with gradient (± 10 °C) silver
610-101Touch Pen1 piece
610-102Touch Pen10 pieces
610-103Touch Pen50 pieces
620-101Trolley for LabcyclerTMFor LabcyclerTM and LabcyclerTM 48 usable
* The thermocyclers LabcyclerTM Basic and Gradient are fully functional and complete with following Thermoblocks: Thermoblock 384 (012-101), Thermoblock 48 (012-102), Thermoblock 96 (012-103), in situ Block (012-107), Thermoblock 96 alu 100 (012-108), Thermoblock Triple with Passive Lid (012-104 + 3 x 012-201) Prices on request!

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